Favourite Candle Scents

I, like much of the population, love things that smell good.  And one of my favourite ways to make sure my home always smells delightful is with candles.  Over the years I’ve narrowed down my scent preferences to two distinct zones – Cozy, Warm and Welcoming or Tropical and Sweet.  Today I’ve got a round up of my favourite candle scents that I rotate throughout the year.  Some of the ones listed are seasonal scents but I like to stock up and burn them year round depending on my mood!

Okay so first up is everyone’s candle mecca – Bath and Body Works.  The 3-wick candles are a staple in SO many peoples homes and for really good reason.  They burn fairly evenly, they don’t create a lot of smoke and they have SO many delicious scents.  There is truly something for everyone.

My absolute favourite scent from their core collection is the White Barn Vanilla Bean.  It’s classic, warm and just sweet enough without being overpowering.


I also love the Peach Bellini scent from the same White Barn collection.  It’s a fresh peachy scent with a slight citrus twist that is an absolute delight to have fill your home.
While I love the core collection, the most exciting time for me to stock up on candles from Bath and Body Works is the holiday time because I am in LOVE with both their Marshmallow Fireside and Cozy Warm Cup of Cocoa scents!

Marshmallow Fireside is sweet but a little smoky and smells just like roasting marshmallows over a fire.  It’s a perfect scent for winter because it’s cozy but not necessarily Christmassy.

Cozy Warm Cup of Cocoa is definitely a STRONG chocolate scent.  If you want to feel like you’re living in Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory this is for you!  But for those of you searching for a softer sweet smell, you may be better off with Vanilla Bean.

Another favourite candle brand of mine is Illume.  If you live in Canada you can find these at Chapters and Indigo stores which is where I get mine.

My ABSOLUTE favourite Illume candle is the Coconut Milk Mango scent. Oh. My. Gosh. Talk about a tropical dream! It reminds me a little bit of tropical skittles but more refined. Like if you could get skittles at the opera, this is the kind of elevated treat they would be.  (What the heck are you blabbering about Jenn? Opera snacks??)
But seriously, it’s sweet and tropical with a soft coconut undertone to it that freshens up any space!

Indigo also has a house brand called Indigo Scents that is absolutely awesome!  Like Bath and Body Works they make a large 3-wick option which I personally think is the best value.

My top choice from Indigo Scents would have to be Fresh Coconut and Vanilla. (Anyone seeing a pattern here?) It combines my two all time favourite scents in a perfectly balanced way, not too sweet and not too tropical. It’s just right!

The last brand I want to mention is Voluspa.  They are a little pricier than the others I’ve mentioned here but they offer some really unique scents and the packaging on all of their candles is beautiful.  I get mine at Indigo (Sorry for all the Indigo plugs but it’s a fantastic place for unique home accents if you live in Canada!)

I love the scent Santiago Huckleberry. It’s a delicious smell made up of huckleberries, vanilla and cane sugar.  It’s a sweet but sophisticated scent that isn’t too overpowering.

My other favourite is going to be no surprise to anybody! It’s the Bourbon Vanille scent.  This vanilla is a more refined and elevated version of Bath and Body Works Vanilla Bean.  I don’t think you need to spend the extra on this brand if you love the Bath and Body Works scent but if you’re feeling like treating yo’self, this is a great choice!

So those are my current favourite candles!  I’ve got a running list of scents I’d like to try from each of these brands and I’m sure I’ll be writing a part two of this post at some point.

Let me know where you get your favourite candles and what sort of smells are your favourite!

Until next time friends, keep living that beautiful life. ❤